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Vietnam: Hanoi on a Motorbike

Fresh from graduating university with my degree in Fine Arts I was bummered that I did not get a chance to go on a grad trip. A trip to Taiwan, flights already booked, with my buddy Dot and friend was scuppered and they went on without me. I was already hired by Lucasfilm at the time and there was no gap between the end of school and work.

I did not really have to wait too long. A few months later, in early 2013, my good friend Quan asked if I would be interested to tag along to Vietnam as he went back home to Hanoi, Vietnam. The decision was made in an instant.

Thank you Quan and family!

Photos below are just some excerpts from being a pillion riding along with Quan in Hanoi, Vietnam.

above ^ We had a rest stop at a roadside stall on the way to the city center. Quan’s place was at the outskirts of the city.

above ^ These multi-coloured riding jackets were a popular choice of clothing for the female rider. I wanted one too!

above ^ This is how you use a bike to transport cargo. Cars cost as much as they do in Singapore!

above ^ Commuters waiting for the bus.

above ^ Parking attendant looking after parked motorbikes. These guys are everywhere.

above ^ Electrical wire mess. Fire hazard but has its charm too.

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